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Why PocketRx

The original mobile refill application for smartphones. Now the only mobile pharmacy app.

Since 2012, PocketRx has been the original and benchmark for mobile refill applications. Offering individual pharmacy branding from the beginning, PocketRx has continued to give pharmacies features and pricing that still out-performs other mobile refill apps. In fact, the feature list has grown so much that PocketRx is now much more than a mobile refill app.

PocketRx is NOW a true mobile pharmacy application.

Why choose PocketRx as your mobile pharmacy? First, your PocketRx app is branded individually for your pharmacy. When your customers open the application on their iPhone or Android smartphones, everything about PocketRx including the application icon, are branded with your pharmacy's logo. Second, great user experiences always make happier customers. Your customers will be able to refill their important prescriptions instantly, from their smartphone… anywhere… any time. And finally, we integrate the PocketRx smartphone application to your pharmacy's management system to ensure that the refill goes into the proper queue for immediate processing.

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PocketRx Features

PocketRx offers a Refill App and a Pharmacy App with additional features added to the Refill App. We also offer Pharmacy Business which gives you a complete online pharmacy.

Refill App Features

Quick Refill

Submission of refill requests without login. Simply enter name, DOB, and Rx#. Or your customer can use a profile to submit multiple refills at once.


Securely store user information instead of re-typing it. Allows multiple user profiles. With RX profile your customer can securely access entire list of prescriptions.

delivery options

Your customer can request refill be delivered with a single click if the option is available from the pharmacy.

barcode scanning

Scan barcode on the prescription bottle or box and submit refill instead of typing the RX#.


Your customer can set reminders to alert them when to take their medications and when refills are needed.


Now your customers can transfer their prescriptions to your pharmacy.


Customers can link to your pharmacy's Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as access support and give app feedback.

system integration

Your app will be integrated with your current pharmacy management system so refills go directly into the queue.

Pharmacy App Features

medication info

Links to MedicinePlus, a web-based pharmaceutical information site for updated info on all medications.


Get information about your customer from them BEFORE they come into the store.


Send announcements to all your pharmacy customers from the application.


Market your current specials directly to your customers using the application.

Ask the Pharmacist

Your customer can submit questions to your pharmacy from their device.


A marketing package to help advertise and market your app to your customers.

Pharmacy Business Features

We can offer services that will make your online pharmacy experience a complete one!

Along with our industry-standard Pharmacy App, we can spread your brand to the Internet with a full website including an e-commerce store to help you sell over-the-counter products and medical supplies. And if you already have a website but need it upgraded, we are there! And if that isn't enough, we can wrap the package in a social media bow, creating and posting to Facebook and LinkedIn, just to mention a few.

Pharmacy App

All of the features of our Pharmacy App including everything listed above.


Most pharmacies have an Internet presence in order to capture business from online customers. If you need one or want to dress yours up, we can help.


If you don't have social media accounts already, we can set them up for you and post to them for you at the frequency that works for you.

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Add-On Features

Add these extra features for a small monthly charge. Contact us to get special pricing and discounts!

Rewards program

Customer loyalty program sponsored by our national leading marketing partner, Repeat Rewards.


If you don't have a full website presence and don't believe that you need one, we can provide you a simple page on the Internet for refill purposes. 

ad broadcast

Quarterly advertising package to help advertise and market everything about your pharmacy to your customers.

cycle tracker

Your customers can track their cycle events including periods, symptoms, severity, and notes.


Get the important reports about your customers that will help you know about refill numbers and app traffic.

marketing plus

An additional marketing package that includes social media post suggestions and additional marketing ideas and tools.


If you don't have a pharmacy logo or don't really like the one you have, we can design a new identity for you and use that new identity to market your pharmacy. Ask about pricing!

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